Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Universe has spoken

I know things have been pretty intense here the past few days, but I am just trying to sort things out for myself.
I asked the universe to help me out with money and in two days I have made almost $200!!
Now I don't believe in the whole god thing, but I do believe in the higher power, or the power of the universe, and the flow and all that.
I finished work on Friday and was rewarded with a generous check, and when I got home, I had a phone call from aforementioned baby girls parents, who needed a sitter right away, and then after they picked up baby girl they asked for daycare for today...Sat too! And they want to bring baby girls older brother..a playmate for Zach yeah!
It is a bit of a relief to bring some money in after not working for almost 3 years.
The last sitting job ended badly, and I am still wondering what I could have done differently/better. Who knows???
My mom- the supportive woman she keeps tellng me that she wants me to do better than babysitting...she wants me to get my nursing or teaching degrees. But I love kids and babies, and right now I think it is the best I can do for myself.
I am going to move forward with the daycare idea. And baby girls' parents made me a very nice hourly wage offer for daycare. Although I am still not sure they want me full time or not??
So I am going to return to the new daycare job until we discuss further, which may even be this afternoon?? Who knows.
I have a batch of raspberry almond muffins in the oven, and they are calling as is the coffee pot.
Today I am feeling better about things, thank you for being there, whomever you may be. :) Evie

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