Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School Day!

Yeah baby! Three afternoons a week are mine once more. Zach returned to our beloved preschool today. I have done nothing since I returned home from dropping him off, except scratch the shit out of my chigger bites. I love how my new neighbor brags that North Lawrence has no chiggers...I would think that is true, except I do not put chemicals on my lawn which prevent them... I resorted to taking a bath with baking soda and salt water to get some relief. I am not going to put nail polish on my recommened by my parents..I guess that causes them to burrow further. I used something called African Black soap, which is good for skin problems including I am hoping it helps. I guess I will excuse myself to at least do some housework before Gene comes home, least he thinks I sat on my behind all Evie

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