Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Evie Evie How does your garden grow

Well I am getting my seedlings ready. And they are responding well. I am dying to get some stuff in the garden. I have already started these: squash, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, peas and butternut squash.
Here is a pic of my lovely new squash seedlings:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Our weekend in review

Wow again, we have been busy. On Friday afternoon we had to go sign some more loan papers at the bank. I had a friend pick up Zach from school and he went home with her and her kiddos. So we went to our friends house to pick up Zach and then we stayed and partied until 10pm.
On Sat. morn I had to go and work the 5K race and pancake feed at the preschool, I was there from 8-12pm. No one had a clue about what I was really needed to do, so I self designated myself the coffee lady. No one had planned for coffee a pancake feed..duh? So I mad pots of coffee all morning and walked around with a tray of coffee and creamer and sugar. It was actually pretty fun.
on Sat. nite we had planned on taking Zach to his favorite school playground to play.
To our surprise, there was a school carnival going on, so we reluctantly went to go buy him a wristband so he could do all the moon bouncy, slide, obstacle course blow-up thingys. The women at the table told us it was ending in 20 minutes and provided us with a free wristband! yay. And to top it, the stuff was open for another hour. So he had a blast. Here are some pics of that:
Okay so more than a few,but man I wish I could have been right there with him, it looked like so much fun.
On Sunday we got invited to something called a Garden Party. It was fun and we helped our friends get thier garden ready for planting. Gene had fun being a fire maker/watcher. And I worked some in the garden before resigning myself to kitchen/dinner duties. It had a total commune feel to it. Here is the link to the party, if you are interested. Here you will see many of our friends and thier kids. Man what a busy weekend, and its so nice to be home. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Well we're very very busy and we haven't got a minute to explain to anyone." One of my favorite lines from a Boynton book CD. Whew! What a Thursday.
We got up and cleaned the house, then I prepped food for dinner. Then I had to go to Zach's preschool and work. Then rush home and make dinner for guests.
There are many small details in there, that I won't bore you with. But I am pooped, the guests have gone. Luckily our guests have very kind children and the house is not trashed and littered with toys. The dinner was a hit, which I expected it would be. TIME FOR BED. Love to you and yours whomever you are. :)Evie

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ho Hum Wednesday

Zach and I have been baking today!
We made these ultra healthy muffins for preschool:
I changed the recipe a little by adding dried dates and ground flax to the mixture too. They are healthy but tasty!
Also made a loaf of bread for sandwiches.
I am getting ready for company tomorrow, we are having some friends over for dinner, and I am making my now famous Lemon Chicken Piccata, unheard of around here! It's divine and just as fantastic as the IL FORNOS chicken piccata in Fitchburg, MA. YUM!
I am making a new project for my hipmama Mothers Day swap. A little coin purse that looks like a tea cup, that should be cute, and I will be posting pics of it hopefully by next week. The rain is keeping us from the park to Zach's dismay, and he is currently glued to the TV.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day now with photos!

Hey everyone! Happy Earth Day.
We were in the Earth Day parade this weekend with our friends who are promoting the Lawerence Community Environmental School. Here are a few pics of us waiting for it to start, and some earthy pics of Zach cause he is just cute. I know I am biased right?

No in the parade pics cause I was walking in it after

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Sunday Morning

6:30am: Wake up
6:35am: Head to kitchen and empty dishwasher
6:45am: Load dishwasher
6:55am: Gather items for baking
7:00am-7:15am: Make buttermilk biscuits(from scratch)preheat oven
7:15am: Start cooking turkey breakfast sausage
7:20am: clean mess from biscuits
7:30am: cook sausage more, put biscuits in oven
7:35am: Search internet for gravy recipe
7:40am: remove sausage, clean pan, start gravy
7:45am: Remove biscuits from oven, listen to snoring from other rooms
7:50am: Finish gravy and start coffee maker
8:00am: Start my eggs
8:10am: Make my plate and coffee(listen to farting from other room)
8:15am-8:45 eat breakfast, read cook book, and listen to farting and snoring from other room.
8:50am: "OH you made breakfast? I donn't want biscuits and gravy."
8:55-present: Me sitting on computer and fuming!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whole wheat does not have to taste bad...

How could it, when you cover it with yummy goodness!
These are whole wheat cinnamon rolls made with ingredients like: whole wheat, flax oil, ground flax seed, organic cinnamon, organic brown sugar, and brown rice syrup. Ummm these are heavenly and divine.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hell Hath no fury...

Okay this is a weekly occurance at my home. Its 5:45am and my grumbling husband is stumbling around my room..(yes its mine, he never sleeps there, just stores his things there, which I would gladly have him remove them.) He is looking for work clothes. I chime in "Let me guess" he says "Guess!" Its the usual problem. My husband refuses to buy enough work pants and thus every Thursday or Wednesday it happens. He has claimed that he is going to do his own laundry...yeah this has not happened. I bought him pants a few weeks ago, but he balked at the idea of spending $20 on work clothes, and since I cannot find things in his size at the thrift store, I am left to buy them new. I am so sick of this happening as he won't do laundry, or any other household things unless I bitch. moan, cry and complain, even he only helps for 12 hours or so. Anyways...the laundry waits.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Re: Sewing project completed

I want to make a blanket for every little person who enters the world and since someone on my Hipmama site had one I made her this blanket:
Cute huh?
Anyways its Friday yay! Zach is getting babysat at the school tonite, and Gene and I are using my chili's gift card to get some apps to take to the Replay Lounge to share with friends. Yum!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Flavors!

Yummy Mango Preserves and a whoopsie: Smokey Mango(it started to carmalize!)
Both are equally delish!
And in case you were wondering, this is what 14 chopped mangoes look like:
And cause you have not seen Zach in a while:
He just is learning to ride his bike! YAY, Isn't he cute!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So I guess I have been tagged !

So I have been tagged by my friend Michelle to label 7 things that I think are lame. So here's my list:

1. The fact that companies attempt to make SUGAR-FREE chocolate. It's just wrong people.

2.While I am on the subject of companies: Organic companies that sell fresh fruits and veggies in styrofoam and plastic. Almost defeats part of the purpose doesn't it???

3.Women who give me the hairy eyeball for bringing my 4 yr old son into the women's restroom. Don't they know about pedophiles??

4.Grocery Stores that do not have kids cookies. (It's my best bribe for a good shopping trip..thanks Checkers)

5. People who ask me what I am going to do with the canning jars I am buying...Gee I think I am going to can some stuff.

6. Certain husbands who think I loaf all day.

7. And the lamest thing of all: Despite the fact that i have gone to open gym off and on for months...NOT A PERSON TALKS TO ME!

Link to House

Just a quick in to give a link to the house. Not sure why it says its still on the Market?? I guess because we don't close until MAY? Anyways now you guys can at least peek at it.

Down and out

Well I have been having a hard week. I am looking forward to my coffee nite out tonight. I am sewing a baby blanket for someone. I sewed it inside out right, so I can flip it, guess what?? I did it wrong and I feel like an ass.
Zach had no school yesterday, and it was not fun. We invited friends over for lunch, but they were 45 minutes late and only stayed for an hour before rushing off, talk about feeling like a doormat. UGHHHHH
I sold a few jars of jam online today so that's good. I sold out of my banana jam, so I gotta go find some more red tape bananas, like 3 lb worth, cause that stuff is awesome and well recieved.
Zach's behavior has been horrible, and we are at a loss. He is hitting and acting out. We are ready for a no refined sugar diet, which will be impossible for us cause we are junkies...Dear God please help us.
I have to put him into time out now...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life and Butter

Well I started a blanket for a friends baby today, pics in a few days.
Zach and I got some raw milk, from our new egg lady. The milk comes unseperated, which means cream included. Since it had sat for over 24 hours the cream had risen to the top. I skimmed the cream and shook it for 20 minutes. I seperated the liquid(buttermilk), and added water to my container to shake off of the rest of the buttermilk. The result was butter, I used cheesecloth to squeeze out any remaining liquid. I beat the rest with 1/2 tsp of sea salt and voila I made Butter! We already had some on a bagel(homemade of course). Its soo good. Too bad it only made the equivalent of a stick of butter , but hey if I do that every week, that should cover some butter useage. Yum..even better than Kate's butter from Maine..and that is good butter!