Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday work again

Well here it is Monday again. I am still working at the home daycare. Today was nuts there, with 3 babies one of them a newborn, a 4 month old, and 1yr old. And Zach and another. There were 3 babies crying at the same time, and its too much for two people, let alone one to take care of. I stayed late and helped things get more calm before I let, but I felt terrible for this lady to be alone with that many babies. Anyways, I guess I still don't have a straight answer from the other girls' parents for full time daycare. Whatever!
I have not spanked Zach since my post about not spanking! That is truly a miracle, especially since I did have to wash his mouth out with did he use a BIG word. I am trying so hard to be patient with him, but he is still button pushing, I guess it is just his personality.
The saddest thing of all...he told me when he is married, he and his wife will have no arguing, and they will cook and clean together. Something he rarely gets to see. Makes me sad. He told me we need to live in seperate houses. Its pretty bad when your kid tells you these things need to happen.
I am putting him in pre-school 5 days a week starting in Sept. I feel he needs it, and if I am working we can afford it, even though we are POOOOOORRRRR, right now. Geez when aren't we poor?
Pics tomorrow of his curtains.
Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries for supper tonight.
Love and ice cream to all. :) Evie

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