Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's my birthday!

Yup, here it is again, another year gone by. I am 32 today. I got a nice card from my hubby..and well he gave me a party. And that's all I asked for. Since the moon bounce is a sore subject, I would not dare ask for anything else!
I made myself a large steaming cup of organic fair trade coffee and one of my homemade bagels. Zach is still asleep at 9:25?? I guess this is his gift to me.
Since we are out of biscuits I will be making some today and maybe some bagels too.
It's something I love to do and don't mind it.
Wow what a year I have had: moved to Kansas, bought a house, dealt with a break in, considered a divorce..(still am), planted a garden, and had a big birthday party!
I am missing my friends from Mass, but really like having my own home with a giant kitchen.
I continue to struggle with my parenting skills, but hey we all do right?
My marriage is not as solid as it should be, but that's another blog all together.
This year is a chance to make things even better, my parenting, my marriage, my attempt to contribute financially. My quest to be a better person, and to maintain my diabetes and preserve my health.


grace said...


it was nice talking to you this morning. :)

i think you will find that parenting will become easier when your marriage is stronger. i swear that's why my life is so simple. i hope you guys find your way. i have a plethora of books on both subjects (that's how i learn best). today i'm reading 'unconditional parenting'. pretty good :)

hettieblue said...

I just wanted to send you some (belated) love on your birthday. I wish we knew each other irl, I bet we would be tight.

hettieblue said...
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