Thursday, August 21, 2008

And life carries on

Well I know that yesterday's post was maybe a little be of a downer, but very true. I figure if I am going to put myself out there, might as well do it all the way. :)
I had a better day today, and returned to work at my "new" job. I made the decision that if I do not get the sitting job I am waiting on, I am going to open up my own daycare. It seems the most logical choice for me, and all I really need to do is update my first aid class. It almost makes me sad, though that its all you need. Know what I mean? Seriously, if this young woman I am working for can do it, why can't I?
In other news, I started making Zach's john deere curtains, and I need to find some new blinds for in his room since his got broken during the party.
His behavior has been less than wonderful since I guess he is making adjustments, to going to babysit with me. If we were not desperate for money right now, I would so not be there.
I keep reminding myself that its not forever, and things will improve. The nice thing is that I have to discipline him with much more patience while I am there. And I guess I am getting my baby "fix" while I am there.
Dinner tonight is shrimp and pasta with garden veggies..yum!

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