Monday, July 21, 2008

Last night's dinner

Well sorry its been a few days. But I was busy!
I did make a skirt this weekend, but I have to do a few alterations before I take a pic of it.
I have been doing more than my fair share of work around here. I push mowed the front and part of the backyard, did weeding, and my usual bug squashing 2X a day.
I made a fantastic dinner the other night:
Roasted stuffed yellow squash
corn on the cob and roasted beets.
Roasted yellow squash:
5 yellow squash cut lenghtwise and middles scraped out
1 cup cook jasmine or basmati rice
1 onion sliced and sauteed
2 cloves garlic sauteed
1 cup mushrooms sauteed
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup crumbled homemade cheese(feta or any goat cheese would be a nice sub)
2 tablespoons minced fresh basil
Heat oven to 375. Combine all ingredients and place inside squash, top each squash with a tiny amount of butter, bake for about 30-45 min or until squash is fork tender.
Note: I would have added tomatoes if I had any, but it was fine without them.

I also had a new adventure with my dehydrator. A house warming present from my buddy in MASS. (THANKS SHARON!)
Apples dipped in honey water.
Onto the drying rack
The dehydrator running.
Also there is no final pic of the dryed apples, we promptly ate them! So much for saving them for snacks.

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