Saturday, July 12, 2008

100th post!

Well here it is ladies and gents! My 100th post, and its about the fruit of my labor! My first garden produce a zucchini! Here it is:
It's a rather nice looking one eh?? Just as nice as any I could get from a store or farmers market! But mine, and no chemicals used either!
It's on the dinner menu..along with super processed baked cheesesticks and popcorn shrimp, hey its Sat night right? And my 5 year anniversary at that.

YUP 5 Freaking years! 7 almost eight if you count the few we were together before Zach!
We did actually have a nice night out, complete with a babysitter.
A trip to a local restuarant: Pachamamas, they use local seasonal food.
And boy its not cheap either, I was pretty impressed that Gene did not complain!
I don't think he has ever spent that much on a meal in his life.
We rounded out the evening to the place where it all began:
The Replay Lounge, a fine local watering hole complete with hippies and punks.
After a few drinks we thought we had better rescue our son who was having a pleasant evening with two cute blondes and some strawberry milk(his treat for them).
We got home by 10 pm wow..I know soo late huh? Ahh the life of a parent.

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capello said...

happy anniversary!

and dude. i don't know what you're talking about, 10 is LATE!