Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Everybody!

Well nothing too exciting here. I had the pleasant surprise of a phone call from my friend in Germany yesterday. And that was fun.
I spent the morning making bagels and biscuits. I tried a new recipe for bagels, but I did not trust it, so I modified it a little, and added ground flax meal and bee pollen to it. Although they did not risethey way I would like the taste is astounding, the texture is perfect! Made almost 3 dozen biscuits too keep unbaked in the freezer, these always make for quick and easy breakfasts or mid-morning snacks.
Zach and I picked wild black raspberries from our neighbors yard(with his permission), he told to go ahead and take whatever we want, he is not really into his yard as the people who owned the house before him were.
We got about a cup of berries and they are delicious and sweet and we are considering digging up the vines to put them in our yard.
Since we are not going to be with friends until 7:30 we are eating at home, and then bringing a salad for sharing later.
Link for the salad:
Dinner tonight:
Crockpot chicken legs and thighs, seasoned with dried tarragon(thanks grace!), salt, fresh ground black pepper, onion adn garlic powder, and sprinkled with a little extra virgin olive oil. I made these maybe a month or so ago and they were delish
I will probably just make some rice and some steamed green beans with this.

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