Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cause I'm easy like Sunday morning...

yep, its Sunday. I made a spectacular breakfast of local eggs, homemade buttermilk biscuts, and buttermilk gravy made with local ground pork sausage. YUM!
I spent a half an hour in the garden already picking cucumber beetles. Those fuckers are determined to destroy my cucurbit plants. For those of you you who don't know, those are things in the cuke family: cucumbers, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon, and cantalope. If I don't want to use a bad chemical I am reduced to picking them off the plants and squishing them and spraying tha plants with a homemade castille soap spray. I have to search for them 2x a day. One in the evening and once in the morning. Unfortunatly I have both the stripes and spotted variety, the later often being misstaken for yellow lady bugs. I squealed with delight when I first saw one, not realizing it was really a cuke beetle. I now have a shiny red sunburn since I have been chasing these little buggies outta my garden.
Menu tonight is undetermined since I have not really though about it. Maybe later folks.
If I am lucky today may be the day I set up my crafting area, HOOOORAYYY. Love and lettuce to all, Evie

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