Saturday, February 2, 2008


Okay.. I know this happens to everyone, but have you ever forgotten to pluck? I came to realize it had been awhile for me because one of the dear kind childern at my son's school pointed out to me that I have hairy eyebrows... Thanks kid, really. I guess that the child (whom I will not name) felt this way because his waify well coifed mama, has none to speak of. This being told, so I felt like a wookie when I went to the bathroom to check. The kid was right cause I thought about it , and guess what I had not plucked since I lived in MASS!! Because I fell ill later on thursday, I did not pay any attention to the problem until this morning... to those of you who had to bare witness to this tragic error I apologize. I literally had to wipe all the hairs off of the sink when I was done. NASTY, I know. thanks for loving me anyways, hairy eyebrows and all.

In other news, yes Thursday was my first participation day at Zach's school. Although I collapsed into bed when I got home due to my illness, the day was a great success.
I know why we chose this school, it is a wonderful caring environment. The teachers go to great lenghts to make sure everyone is cared for and made to feel valid. The lesson was awesome, I know Deb will appreciate this: a lesson on lines. It was fantastic and amazing... the teacher drew different kinds of lines, to get the children to understand that a line does not have to be straight, they disscussed and looked at works of picasso, they talked about how he used a single line to create some works of art, never picking up his pencil. Then they were encouraged to do different stations of art that were all connected to lines! It was amazing! They did chalk drawings using both hands, glued strings onto cardboard, they used waxpaper over regular paper to create line works then painted the paper to reveal thier wax drawings, also a painting station, and a hands on station that had pipe like things that you could put together to create structures. Again it was awesome.... I such a good time helping, and reading to the kids, and getting to know them in general. Of course everyone knoews how crafty Zach he did not do anything but build. I got to see Zach's first show and tell, John Deere tractors of course. I almost cried! He was so big and proud answering questions and telling them about his tractors.
I broke bread with the kiddos, and served my new favorite snack peanut butter balls..mmm recipe to follow. Anyways, I had a blast and am so proud of my boy!

Peanut Butter Balls
2 cups dry non-fat milk powder
3 cups granola
2 cups peanut butter
3 tablespoons water
3 tablespoons flax meal
2-3 tablespoons flax oil depending on how moist it is.
1 cup honey

Grind 1 cup of granola in food processor. Add honey, peanut butter, milk powder, water, flax and flax oil. Mix into a pasta, add unground granola. Make into about 40 1 inch balls, store in refrigerator, until served.
Hide from children, eat them yourself!
No really this was a great hands on activity for zach we had fun making the balls together.

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capello said...

dude. i pluck in between everyday. and wax all around every six weeks. hell, i even shave griffin's monobrow.

it's an issue.