Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day!

Alas we are snowed big deal, it just means I have to be productive right?
Goals for today:
Clean our bedroom
Bake something
Make chili for dinner
be crafty with child
work on quilt..
Those last two will be harder than it sounds, as Zach can sometimes be craft resistant, and does not want to let me sew.
It's such a snowy day that even the college(KU), is closed and that has only happened 13 times since 1972. So we are not going anywhere, and and I praying that school is open tomorrow, cause I really enjoy my free afternoons. And since I enrolled Zach in a third afternoon(friday), I will have more free afternoons..yay!
Gene has finally agreed on another kiddo, seriously he did, but he said when Zach is 5 or 6, but I am going to try to convince him that the sooner we get it over with,the sooner I can enter the workforce. ( thanks grace for that wonderful I have my speech all ready and I am just waiting for the right time to give it.
We have an evening out, thanks to Zach's school which offers babysitting on frday the Day after Valentine's Day for parents who need time out! For the bargin price of $15 for the whole evening! Thanks LCNS you rule!

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