Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well friends its finally happened. With all the illness going around it was bound to happen. I woke up with a firery throat. I should have known it was coming. Which leaves me wondering.. is this why Zach has been acting so poorly. He has been coughing, and asking for cough drops, but he never really complains when he is sick. Just acts badly. And of all days I am working at his school today, covering a shift for someone who is sick!! Now either I got it from Zach or Checkers gorcery store. I swear to god everytime we go there one of us gets sick! Last time I got this weird stomach thing, from using the bathroom, well I think that is where I got it. I went there on Tues, cause the welcome wagon lady brought me a coupon for a bunch of free items, so I went to get them.. soo basically I sold my health out for a free bag of chips, 2 liter of soda, box of cookies and a half gallon of ice cream... mannnnnnn
Serves me right for eating junky ......

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