Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What no post??

Okay so I have not posted in a few days..but I have been busy trying to sew that darn apron for Zach. It is giving me fits!! Nothing to blog about either. We made a cherry pie at Hy-vee the other day a free class offered there, and that was fun. Zach has taken up residence in some costume we got at the Social Service League, he thinks its a power ranger cotume, but I think its a Special Police forces costume, but hey who am I to judge? LOL He wears it every moment we are home and the only reason he is not wearing out is because I won't let him. He will not let me get his picture in it..but I going to sneak up on him! I am planning to make some jelly this week since we are home. I am looking for a garlic jelly recipe to try. Its really good on yummy baked things like chicken and pork...YUM-O

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