Sunday, February 10, 2008

Menu and expenditures 2/10-2/23

Monday: Meatloaf, mashed pots, steamed cauliflower
Tues: Taco salad made with leftover meatloaf
Wed: Homemade chicken strips,and steamed butternut squash
Thurs:Happy Valentines day! BBQ(crockpot) Pork ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, rolls
Friday: Out to Eat for the Holiday yay!
Sat: Homemade asian chicken wings, pork fried rice(use leftover pork)
Sunday: Baked salmon, steamed brocc., rice
Monday: Homemade pizza and salad
Tues: Baked potatoes with fixins(Chili, cheese, brocc, salsa, onions, sour cream) they make thier own, so everyone is happy right??
Wed: Fried tofu stirfry and chinese noodles
Thurs: Hamburgers and tots, carrot and celery sticks
Friday: Red beans and rice made with spinach and smoked sausage
Sat: Chicken stuffed with red peppers and cheese and sweet pots
Sunday: off to the store do it all over again!

Grocery receipt:

Bagels 1.19
OJ 5.76
Bread 2 loaves 2.56
Nitrate free bacon 3.29
Nitrate free brats 3.29
Stoney field yogurts 2 2.28
Bulk granola 1.64
Bulk popcorn 1.80
Local hamburger 5.50
Organic apple juice 2.98
soyjoy bars 2 1.23 one of them was free!
Organic milk 4.48
Bologna(yuck) DH requested it! 2.50
Lite sour cream 1.59
Half and half 2- 1/2 pints 1.36
lite cream cheese .98
green pepper 1.28
Organic salad mix 2.99
Smart chicken chicken wings total 3 packs: 7.58
1 large salmon fresh 6.47
organic bananas 1.47
Organic apples 3 1.77
Organic cauliflower 2.99
cabbage 1.09
organic firm tofu 2.00
Blueberries 2.49
shredded mozz cheese 2.49
Tax 5.58
Total: 82.10
Saved : 1.23 on free soyjoy bar
.30 canvas bags
.50 coupon
total saved 2.03

Okay so I went over budget again, but I did get some rewards, every time I spend $75 at Hy-vee you get 50 gas points, when you get 300 of them you get a $10.00 free gas card, so I am earning something in return right?
Happy fooding everyone. Feel free to email with and ? and requests for recipes!

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