Monday, October 20, 2008

Recovery from Sunday Drama

(this guy is the reason I got up today)
Today was a lot more calm than yesterday. Apparently someone..(not me) wants to pretend nothing happened yesterday, and everything is fine. Well its not. I am still hurting and feeling angry. At least Zach had school and G took a nap while I took a drive out in the country to return some things to a few friends who live out of the way. It was very calming for me, and I enjoyed it very much. This evening after dinner a friend came over and brought us a used swingset, its old but solid. Sitting here I am listening to Zach talk back to his Dad outside, and slam the door to make his point. I thought this kind of behavior was more for teens?? I know he can feel the tension too, and it is not good.

In other happier news, the sausage and bean soup was amazing and even Zach ate it greens and all. And that is a blessing in itself!

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