Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baking galore

Well typically Monday is my fall/winter baking day. So I made some hamburger buns for last night and future use(froze those).
And since I had a bunch of chopped Kalamata olives leftover from bread baking on Sunday, I made some Kalamata olive bagels.
These are a big hit with the guys, and since I make bagels every couple of weeks, I have a feeling these are going to be requested again and again. They are so good toasted with cream cheese...YUM.
Today was our first frost, we lovingly covered our remaining plants with tarps and are hoping for the best. (yellow beans, spinach, braising greens,carrots, and turnips)
Plans for the hoop house are still in the works and I will probably have to nag to keep it on track....

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