Thursday, October 23, 2008

bulk is good

Well I finally got my bulk stuff. I did not cost that much and its all Organic!
I got flour, sugar, rice and peanut butter.
Now I just have to figure out how to store it. I think I am going to buy some gallon containers. I am getting my "prepared for a year" shelf together. Because you never know when the shit is going to hit the fan.
I think I am really like buying in bulk. It seems cheaper, and now that I have room to store things it makes sense.
Here is a bonus race car driver..
Just another pic in the Zach loves to dress up series.
And if you are reading this Carrie..your box goes out today.


marites said...

what are you going to make me with all of those yummy organic ingredients?!!!

grace said...

i seriously need to buy in bulk - maybe it would motivate my cooking skills!

also, my phone is unusable and i need your numbers - i haven't talked to you in forever :)