Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well its Tuesday already. I am still trying to recover from our camping weekend. I have no pics! No one wanted to have thier pics taken in thier Medevil garb...including me. We had a good time though. Gene thouroughly enjoyed his meat slaughter class. They killed and cut up three goats..then cooked them for our evening feast. He said he learned a few tips that he can use when butchering deer and other beasts. Zach got pretty bored during the day, but did like watching the fighting. We took some nature walks..one which included a javelin throw, Gene really liked this one. Just before Zach fell asleep he told me he really liked falling asleep to the sound of the drums. I have to admit that was one of my favorite parts too. Eating the evening feast was pretty cool too, the table was piled high with meat (goat and chicken), breads, cheeses, roasted veggies, and an amazing barley stew. Zach ate his fair share of bread and apple butter, but really only wanted cake. A red velvet cake shaped like a piggie.
I actually felt very pretty in my purple dress that I sewed, and Gene and Zach looked pretty cute in thier tunic and pants outfits. Zach kept telling us how stupid it was to dress in the "olden days" clothes. Gene's only complaint is that there was not enough cleavage in my dress..as he saw his fair share of barely covered breasts.. Not my style.
I am now playing catchup with laundry and sleep, and trying to wrap my brain around the flavors of that barley stew, wondering if I can re-create it. I need to wash my dress, and then I will post some pics of it.

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