Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Jam is on!

Well I spent a good amount of time making some Peach Almond jam, it my favorite, and my recipe yielded 15 jars today. I am getting excited about having a booth at the fall festival, even though it a month away. I am hoping to make a bundle, even though some of my procedes will go back to the pre-school.
I was propositioned to make 15 cheesecakes for a friends company for the holiday season. That will pick up the slack where the babysitting falls way I guess.
In other news, I have been published!
here is the link:http://communitymercantile.com/content/MercNews08Oct.pdf
My recipe for Jalapeno Relish is posted on page #7. I am so proud! Of course now my recipe has been shared with the whole world..and it no secret anymore, but who cares. :)

And that's the news in the Normandin house today

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oilclothjunkie said...

Congrats on being published!!!