Monday, September 22, 2008

wow long week and long weekend!

Well we have been busy around here. I had a lot of babysitting last week, and this weekend we attended a party, a birthday party and had a visit from my parents. I cleaned my booty off and now I want a little rest. I am feeling really good about myself financially and it really helps decrease Gene's stress as well.
Having my mom finally visit was a relief because she has a tendency to make judgements about stuff she knows nothing about, like our house. She now realizes it not a shack, or falling down... cause those are the kind of judgements she made..cause that is just her.
I have endured her subtle comments about our furniture, my marriage and Zach's behavior, and she was not even here for 24 hours! Ahh mom, love her, hate her, she is my mom. It makes me wonder..will Zach resent me too someday? Why is is the older I get the more I find myself acting like her/turing into her. Not that I don't respect her, she has had a pretty tough life, and been dealt a heavy hand.
I did get some sewing done, mom brought me her pants to hem
In exchange she brought us a ham, a pork roast, and a ham steak, from a family friend, and they are all organic! She promises to get me some of the organic beef they will be getting soon.
Now if I only had a freezer!

In the holiday spirit the babysitting kids and I colored fall leaf pictures.
Happy first day of Fall!

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