Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Imitation is better than real life

So yesterday thanks to the better and no raining weather Gene finally got a chance to mow the well watered lawn. Zach did the same, complete with swearing at his mower!
He yelled at his mower "why doesn't this damn thing work right?"
So cute..and funny! He even came in for his break and asked for a beer..haha.
I don't think so buddy.
We found an awesome caterpillar, a Pandora Sphinx Moth caterpillar. No pic cause it did not photograph well. But here is a link:
The thing is friggin huge! As big as my ringfinger.
Well it got out of the aquarium and was loose in the house for about 24 hours. This thing creeps me out for 2 reasons:
a. its huge and ugly
b. it spits out this green foamy stuff when you touch it..ewww.
I put out some grape leaves; it primary food source and this morning Gene found it wondering around..he got foamed...yuck. He was pissed at me, but he will get over it..lol.
Its now safe in the aquarium with a weighted top. While we were looking for this thing yesterday we found to chrysili? Chrysilisses?? Anyways from a few other escapees, and we retuned them to the safety of the aquarium. Although the big one still freaks me out its nice to have something different from all of our black swallowtail ones. Even if it was trying to eat my grape leaves. I got a few leaves from the preschool cause they have a more mature grapevine, and mine is just a baby plant. We are headed out to our grapevines this morning to check for more of these giant squirmies.


grace said...

we found one of those caterpillars last year. gross. colin put it in a jar and since we didn't have grape vine leaves, it promptly died. glad your's are faring better!

marites said...

i was reading up about that nasty caterpillar after following your link, and it said that they burrow underground to do their thing, and emerge that ginormous moth, so i think if you don't get some dirt in there, it might die... :(
love - m