Sunday, September 7, 2008

little cooking, no sewing and lotsa bitchy

Yup, wow with all the sitting I have been doing there is scarcely time to blog!
I had a housefull on Friday. I made some coinage, but I am exhausted. It feels nice though, being able to contribute again. I think it helps Gene feel better too. Now I just have to figure out how to save some of it. Gene needs a new van, and I would like a mini-van, to haul kiddos around in.
We had company on Friday night and also entertained yesterday. Last nite we just vegged out. And the same today. Except today I have to tidy the house before the week begins. :)
I am going to try to make some pumpkin raviolis on Monday, and that ought to be fun, I will def take some pictures of that.
Zach has been a handful lately but that is not unusual for him. I have been trying to just remind myself to be firm but calm..very hard for me the LEO lady. I got good results and shorter fits today when I remembered to do this. Once in Walgreens and another time at Kwik shop(gas station). He threw a fit in Walgreens because I would not buy him anything. And then in Kwik Shop, he helped himself to a donut, which I had to buy because he touched it..the little shit. We talked about stealing and how bad that is. He kept telling, me but you paid for it! He is so smart, it just blows me away sometimes. I really hate taking him to the store, and will try to avoid it at all costs this week. I should change this blog name to! Hope this day finds you in a happy state of mind. Evie

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