Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well its just sad. Gene has not gone back to work, and this makes me very sad. His boss has not called him back, despite Gene having called a few times. The promise is that they are going to be starting a remodel job in Topeka. In other news..there is no other news.
Zach has been a real handful lately, and the promise of kindergarden is looking pretty good. We take him to get enrolled at the end of April, and school starts in the fall. Until then he will continue to attend the co-op preschool he is currently at. As soon as we get our taxes I will get my new mini-van.
I get to go to Target some time today to get some new wire cubbies for the daycare. I need something better for thier stuff! The basket I make them deposit into everyday is stuffed and its hard to dig thru looking for undies or a clean shirt. With the cubbies everyone gets thier own space.
I am looking to replace Zach's gumball machine.*-New-In-Box-*_W0QQitemZ220361430562QQcmdZViewItem
It got broken at our party last weekend and I know my parents would be really upset since they just bought it for him at Christmas. I think this model is the cheapest I am going to find one...sigh the money is easy come easy go.

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