Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daycare or bust

I attended a long meeting..informational class yesterday. It reviewed all of the things I have already read and filled my brain up with. It seems as though most people are idiots, which I suppose is true. It was all having to do with opening my daycare or for me, just being legitimate. I am no preparing to start paying into taxes again. Its been four long years since I actually claimed anything, and it actually feels good. I would continue being an under the table provider, except one of my patrons is pretty much forced me into it. If I did not need the money so badly I would probably not register. It is impossible for me to turn someone away right now, and since I feel these children need me I must...
The tension fills the air, and I can breathe now that Gene has left for the day. His anger and impatience leave me in a funk. I hate this feeling. He left with an air of smugness, just because he did some laundry. He suggested that I do the same, and I ignored him as he blew me a kiss goodbye. As if he is the authority on housework! UGHHHHH

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