Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ho Hum the holiday comes

Well as you all know Sat is Valentines Day. I don't expect flowers or candy or even a card...I am paying to take us out to lunch on Sunday. Because I want to eat out and have some fun, not because I am feeling romantic or anything. I plan on us going to the mall after wards so I can buy some underwear..again not because I am feeling romantic, its because I need to part with some of my old ripped falling apart panties.
A few of my daycare kids are sick today, but I have two here to replace the lost revenue, seems like the universe is taking care of me in that dept. Gene for some reason thinks I am a bad babysitter, cause I let the kids watch movies and walk around with thier cups, I don't care what he thinks really..he seems to think he knows it all. But really he can't even handle being with Zach without losing his patience. I am a great daycare provider! I play with the kids, I keep a routine with them, and I keep them busy, minus a bit of TV here and there.
I know I have been really down on Gene lately but having him here all the time has put a huge strain on things.


Diane said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile but never leave a comment. I'm sorry you seem to be having a rough time. Holler at me if you ever need to talk, cause girl, I've been where you are and I understand.

Evie said...

Thanks for your support.