Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man to work

The good news is that Gene is going back to work..well we thought it was going to be today. But now we are assuming that it is Monday. I don't really care just knowing that we still have our health insurance and his paying job is reason to celebrate!
Tonight is now the pot roast night since we are entertaining on Sat night. Hence Friday is now quesadilla night. I am cooking up ideas for a friend who is having a birthday soon...what can I make her? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome here!
I am breathing a huge sigh of relief, as far as the daycare goes. If Gene is back to work then I will be going to get a mini-van..all I need is a few minths of daycare pay, and I can then afford one! I am also delighting in the fact that we will soon be looking for some fuzzy chicks to add to our family.Also I am sending off for some pear, cherry and apple trees YAY!

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Holly Hall - Sweetheartville said...

Congratulations, Evie! I'm glad to hear the future's looking bright.