Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday already!

Wow this week is zooming by! I finished my other zipper pouch and one more in such a hurry I did not have time to photograph them before they had to go into the mail, one on its way to Canada and one to California. I am anticipating my Mother's Day swap gifts to come any day now. We shall see how my Mother's Day goes.
I have tons of seedlings coming up. There is practically a whole garden on my windowsill now.
Zach's poor behavior has really got me down. I had to take all of his upstairs toys away. And no TV viewing period. AS of lately his bedtimes have been getting later and later, he was staying up to 10 or 11. I think this is part of the problem too. So on Monday I had to lay down the law. 8:30 is once again bedtime, with may tears and fits we are getting there. This is hard since I have a hard time sticking to things, cause I am on the lazy side. Today is the first day I have seen some improvement. He has had 2 nights of good sleep, and a rude awakening. So hopefully he can get it together. I am appalled at how he continues to hit me and Gene and do whatever he pleases. We have upped his time out time to 5 minutes and since there are no toys in his room, timeout has become very unpleasant for him. Thank god for preschool and his teachers who have great concern and patience.
I busted out 30 4inch round 1inch tall biscuits to freeze for us to have. And I am planning on making some bread for freezing next week.
The next 4 weeks or so are going to be lean times for us. We will be closing on the house and will need money for closing, our first morgage, and rent all in the same week, and Gene is shitting bricks. I can provide the grocery means and I know this will make a great difference. There is some kind of weird delay in our taxes and we don't know why they have not come in yet. These would really help us out right now!
I am off to make bread and cheack my stock of canned goods. I guess I am now starting to panic..GAH!

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