Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Gene!

Well really it was yesterday, but we are having friends over tonite. I have about 14
baked potatoes in 2 crockpots. I am hosting a Baked Potato bar..yum. Chili is cooking on the stove and Gene's favorite cake is in the oven. (My self created Famous Peanut Butter Cup Cake) The cake is sooo good, two layers of peanut butter cake with a layer of peanut butter cream, milk chocolate frosting and decorated with mini reeses peanut butter cups. How could you go wrong?!
I have to get myself to the store soon and Zach off to school, so I can get the kitchen cleaned up!
We did Gene's cards and gifts yesterday, but I told him he had to wait for birthday wishes. :)
Closing on the house in 10 count em 10 days!! AHHHHH

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