Friday, May 30, 2008


Well in an attempt to things back to normal, I am well...getting things back to normal. My dear friend Michelle loaned me a super cool skirt making book, and I am getting stared on a few today.
I made an amazing dinner of PHO, asian soup stuff. Got the recipe from my new fav. blog.
Even Zachary ate some of the noodles! A small miracle no less.
Zach starts preschool again on Monday and let me tell you I am sooo ready for it.

An Amazing thing happened at Sears last night!
We went to return a tool that Gene had bought, it fell apart the second time he used it.(you get what you pay for?)Anyways, we stopped to look at the fridges.(new place doesnot have one) We found one, that was on clearance for 499.99! Wait it gets better. Here is its story:
This model is last years floor model, when they sold it last year to some family, they moved it to the back. The really smart people who work there gave this family a brand new boxed one. This one sat in the back of the store for 6 months, until they decieded to clean out the holding area. They discovered the mistake and put it on the floor for clearance again. Two days ago a family purchased and installed it, only to discover it stuck out too much and they were unable to open one of the doors because of this. They returned it. All returned items are automatically given an additional 20% markdown. We got the fridge for $299, its still new! Still gets a one year warranty and everything. It's a side by side..not exactly what I wanted, but darn if the price wasn't right. And you guys know how cheap my husband is!
Yay! We don't have to buy a used fridge. And since we finally got our taxes back we can now afford it.
Here is the link if you want to see it:
Later dudes, Evie

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