Monday, April 28, 2008

Our weekend in review

Wow again, we have been busy. On Friday afternoon we had to go sign some more loan papers at the bank. I had a friend pick up Zach from school and he went home with her and her kiddos. So we went to our friends house to pick up Zach and then we stayed and partied until 10pm.
On Sat. morn I had to go and work the 5K race and pancake feed at the preschool, I was there from 8-12pm. No one had a clue about what I was really needed to do, so I self designated myself the coffee lady. No one had planned for coffee a pancake feed..duh? So I mad pots of coffee all morning and walked around with a tray of coffee and creamer and sugar. It was actually pretty fun.
on Sat. nite we had planned on taking Zach to his favorite school playground to play.
To our surprise, there was a school carnival going on, so we reluctantly went to go buy him a wristband so he could do all the moon bouncy, slide, obstacle course blow-up thingys. The women at the table told us it was ending in 20 minutes and provided us with a free wristband! yay. And to top it, the stuff was open for another hour. So he had a blast. Here are some pics of that:
Okay so more than a few,but man I wish I could have been right there with him, it looked like so much fun.
On Sunday we got invited to something called a Garden Party. It was fun and we helped our friends get thier garden ready for planting. Gene had fun being a fire maker/watcher. And I worked some in the garden before resigning myself to kitchen/dinner duties. It had a total commune feel to it. Here is the link to the party, if you are interested. Here you will see many of our friends and thier kids. Man what a busy weekend, and its so nice to be home. Enjoy!


capello said...


we were crazy busy too -- and went to the farmers market. they rent out the space by the month. i can't believe you still haven't heard back.

oilclothjunkie said...

sounds like a great weekend!