Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Sunday Morning

6:30am: Wake up
6:35am: Head to kitchen and empty dishwasher
6:45am: Load dishwasher
6:55am: Gather items for baking
7:00am-7:15am: Make buttermilk biscuits(from scratch)preheat oven
7:15am: Start cooking turkey breakfast sausage
7:20am: clean mess from biscuits
7:30am: cook sausage more, put biscuits in oven
7:35am: Search internet for gravy recipe
7:40am: remove sausage, clean pan, start gravy
7:45am: Remove biscuits from oven, listen to snoring from other rooms
7:50am: Finish gravy and start coffee maker
8:00am: Start my eggs
8:10am: Make my plate and coffee(listen to farting from other room)
8:15am-8:45 eat breakfast, read cook book, and listen to farting and snoring from other room.
8:50am: "OH you made breakfast? I donn't want biscuits and gravy."
8:55-present: Me sitting on computer and fuming!

1 comment:

capello said...

i REALLY told him "too damn bad, sit down, shut up and eat!"