Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Down and out

Well I have been having a hard week. I am looking forward to my coffee nite out tonight. I am sewing a baby blanket for someone. I sewed it inside out right, so I can flip it, guess what?? I did it wrong and I feel like an ass.
Zach had no school yesterday, and it was not fun. We invited friends over for lunch, but they were 45 minutes late and only stayed for an hour before rushing off, talk about feeling like a doormat. UGHHHHH
I sold a few jars of jam online today so that's good. I sold out of my banana jam, so I gotta go find some more red tape bananas, like 3 lb worth, cause that stuff is awesome and well recieved.
Zach's behavior has been horrible, and we are at a loss. He is hitting and acting out. We are ready for a no refined sugar diet, which will be impossible for us cause we are junkies...Dear God please help us.
I have to put him into time out now...

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DMS said...

Hi Evie,

Here is a link to some info on what Jenny McCarthy did for her son. She put him on a yeast-free, gluten-free, sugar-free diet, and gave him ThreeLac to get rid of yeast in his body. Because Zach also has the sensitivity to foods and dyes, he may have that same low immunity to yeast and toxins that her son has. She also says to get a DAN doctor--It stands for Defeat Autism Now.