Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life and Butter

Well I started a blanket for a friends baby today, pics in a few days.
Zach and I got some raw milk, from our new egg lady. The milk comes unseperated, which means cream included. Since it had sat for over 24 hours the cream had risen to the top. I skimmed the cream and shook it for 20 minutes. I seperated the liquid(buttermilk), and added water to my container to shake off of the rest of the buttermilk. The result was butter, I used cheesecloth to squeeze out any remaining liquid. I beat the rest with 1/2 tsp of sea salt and voila I made Butter! We already had some on a bagel(homemade of course). Its soo good. Too bad it only made the equivalent of a stick of butter , but hey if I do that every week, that should cover some butter useage. Yum..even better than Kate's butter from Maine..and that is good butter!


DMS said...

Well, whad'ya know...You are already a big hit and have a following :-)

grace said...

that sounds so yummy...i want my own egg lady! i think i just have to be patient and wait for my own chickens *sigh*

grace said...

oops, i meant chicken and cows...for the milk. duh.