Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let the craftiness begin!

Okay I got to spend a little time crafting this weekend, hard to believe with all my grocery planning and all right? LOL. Anyways I go the first big section of my quilt underway and here is what it looks like:
And a pic of the space where I get to do my crafting:
Pretty cool huh? And since I made a big sale on E-Bay now I can afford the fabric I want for the backing too! Yay!
In other news my mom has found a permanent place for my Grandma in Abilene, KS. She seems pretty happy there and has been enjoying meeting new people, of course as my friend sharon says when you have alzheimers you meet new people everyday right??


oilclothjunkie said...

that quilt is going to look great! What fabric are you going to put on the back?

Evie said...

I will post a pic of it when it comes in the mail...wink wink. but it looks like one of the quilt squares.