Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fruits of labor

Yesterday was a day of much work, I canned and sewed, and did housework until I thought I was going to fall down from the work load. I started on the second bootie that I made for my friend.

And here is the jam I made:

I am hoping to make enough jam stock so that I can try to sell some this summer at the farmers market. I guess I had better get to canning!
I am really lamenting our move from Massachusetts, as I can not really pick all the berries I used to for the low prices. My jam may suffer quality because of this, but one can only do thier best under the circumstances.

If you were interesed in making booties for yourself, here is a link to the free pattern for them:

Its off to the store for more jam supplies, hopefully tonite is the nite that I can start piecing together my quilt squares. :)

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oilclothjunkie said...

That bootie turned out darling! So you finally got it back from the little dude?