Monday, January 7, 2008

Cooking respect..

Okay, I am just going to jump in and be downright bitchy.. I just want a little respect, just a teeny bit for being a good cook and streching the budget.
This is exactly what I am talking about: DH wants me to strech the budget as much as I can which means this week was a non-grocery store week. ( I usually go every sunday). This week however since I have decent stock of food here, we thought we could go without a trip to the store this week. The menu looks something like this:

Sunday: Baked Ham, mashed pots, and steamed brocc.
Mon.: Tatertot casserole
Tues: Homemade Bierocks and green salad
Wed.: Homemade scalloped pots with brocc. and ham
Thurs: leftovers
Friday: Thick chicken and noodles with peas and carrots
Sat: Homemade pizza and salad
Sunday: Blueberry pancakes and eggs for breakfast, its off to the store for next week stuff.
Snacks and Lunches: leftovers, quesadillas, mac and cheese, yogurt, cheese, apples, bananas, pears, pretzles, granola, almonds, cashews and peanuts.

Alright here is my point, not only did I manage to have enough food in the house for two weeks of groceries, I made almost all of the food homemade, from scratch, most ingredients are organic and I only spent around $80.00!!!
Dh husband thinks we spend too much on food, and I am pissed cause I do not think that we do.. Not only did I get 2 meals out of the ham, but I also made a weeks worth of homemade, healthy ham salad for his lunches, because he always take his lunch to work.

On another note: I got my new quilt squares and this is what they look like:
Hopefully I can get started on them this week.


capello said...

dude. you can tell your husband it's my goal to ONLY spend 250 a week in groceries, and i rarely make that goal.

our biggest expense is food. it's more than our house payment. having three people with extensive food allergies will do that.

hell, i can't go and spend less than 80 bucks anywhere. i'm really, REALLY impressed.

oilclothjunkie said...

I'm impressed too! I don't even want to think about our food budget especially since matt is fond of grocery shopping and the man doesn't know the word budget.