Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meals for the week(s) 2 weeks of planning and expenditures

Sunday: Beef and mushrooms with rice and steamed cauliflower
Monday: Spagetti with brocc. and Italian sausage
Tuesday: Baked chicken with mashed pots. and steamed green beans
Wednesday: Taco Salad and refried beans and cheese
Thursday: Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs and pancakes
I will be out of town for friday, sat, and sunday meals, but DH stills needs to eat, so I will make meals ahead and store them.
Friday: Meatloaf with mashed pots. and brocc.
Sat: leftover chicken with rice and veggies.
Sunday: Ya on yah : this means you are on your own.. figure it out dumbass! (DH)
Monday: Ham Strata with spinach
Tuesday: Lemon Chicken Piccata and salad
Wednesday: Cooked Brats: on homemade buns, baked beans and coleslaw
Thursday: Bierocks and peas
Friday: Veggie stir-fry and rice
Sat: Homemade Pizza and salad
Lunches: leftovers, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pbjs

Grocery reciept:
2 bags bagels: for DH only 1.76
Orange Juice large jug for DH 4.86
One gallon Hy-Vee brand 2% milk (I usually buy organic, but had a free coupon)
Can of organic baked beans 1.88
Decaf tea bags for DH 2.39
white vinegar 1.32
organic pizza sauce 1.72
organic whole wheat bread 3.49
capers 2.29
2 cans tuna 1.36
Hy-vee organic eggs 2.98
Soyjoy bar )treat for me: free with coupon
Organic squeeze yogurts stoneyfield 3.98
stoneyfield organic fat free yogurt .80
1 3lb bagged boneless skinless chkn breatst 5.77
Hormel nitrate free bacon 3.00
Organic italian sausage 1lb X 2 not marked so was free!
Organic brats 1lb X 2 6.00
Pepperoni 2.39
half and half 2.08
Shredded 2% mozz. cheese 1.99
block of colby X 2 2 .99
organic cuke 1.99
organic salad mix x2 5.76
1lb local organic ground hamburg 6.00
smart chicken whole fryer 6.30
3 fresh pears 1.88
5 bananas organic 2.50
1 can of mushrooms .59
1 bulk bag of basmati rice 3.46

Total: 81.53+ tax 4.81= 86.34

Okay so I went over my $80.00 limit this week, but just barely. And there are enough groceries for 2 weeks. No eating out, and limited amount of junk food.

And I need to review some of my purchases in accordance with my meals: The whole fryer will be baked and end up making 2 meals. The cheese that I bought was only 99 cents per whole 10oz block, so I bought 3 and froze two of them, these are great for snaking on, and can be shredded for another meal too! I found the organic brats on sale for 3.00 a 1lb pack a great deal indeed, so I got 2, but the organic italian sausage was in the same place and unmarked, I asked the natural foods guy and he had no idea it was even ordered, I had picked out two of them thinking they were 3.00 each but instead I got them for free! I always try to buy for future meals when I find a deal! The soyjoy bar, yum a treat for me was free cause I had a coupon for a free one, be sure and use your coupons girls! An lastly I brought my own canvas bags to use for groceries, not only do I help the environment but I get credit for 5 cents a bag.
The bierocks I make and freeze ahead of time. They cost around 8.00 to make 36 of them and since we eat around 8 of them for a meal this is a great time investment to make them and almost like fast food since I only have to defrost and bake them. maybe I will post this reciepe but not today...
So in review, I spent 86.00 but saved this much:
Free sausages: 6.00
free milk: 3.98
free soyjoy bar: 1.23
bag refund: .25

total saved: 11.46
Wow, sometimes I even amaze myself! Hows that for some grocery craftiness.

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oilclothjunkie said...

damn, girl. You do make grocery shopping and cooking an art form!