Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here and then gone!

Well I know I have been gone for a few weeks..but let me just tell you I have been one busy lady! I have been babysitting like mad and baking and shopping and such. You know the usual X-mas type of stuff that one has to do, before going away for the holiday. We are not going far, just to my mom's house but still.

Zach has been a real butt lately and I have been using the cheap threat of "Santa is not going to bring you presents if you are bad". He just laughs at me and tells me that is not true. He knows us too well...

I am done shopping and baking and I am looking forward to going to my mom's...despite the fact I know it will be loud and dysfunctional...but hey its home. For now I have to pack my clothes and convince Zach to take a much needed bath. Merry Christmas...I can say that instead of Happy Holidays...we actually celebrate Christmas in our home!

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