Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yay for Sat!

Well I woke up this morning feeling like I have a hangover, but I did no drinking last night, unless iced tea counts. I did however spend an hour in the garden attacking the weeds and grass. Gene will not buy proper gardening tools since the cultivator from sears broke twice. So I think it is just me over doing it. Everytime I bent over in the garden I swear like 4 skeeters bit my arse. After some coffee and a trip the the farmers market I should be feeling fantastico!
Today I get to open the pea pickles I made. We are going to a BBQ at a friends house and I think I will take a jar over there. I have got a busy day, with packing and such. Also gotta make 3 dozen deviled eggs for the BBQ and a homemade banana pudding..yum, I gotta get our meat ready for the grill too.
I am looking for some local sausage for sunday brakfast and another pound of Amy's super fantastic bacon. And maybe some veggies too depending on what's available.
I am working on the weekly menu, which i will post when its done later, since I have not done it in awhile and I had a request to do so. Like a bolt of pea soup I am off.

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