Friday, June 6, 2008

Peas Please

Howdy folks. What a delightful Friday I am having. I dropped Zach off at preschool, (yay school!), and then I went to Pendelton's Pick your own, to pick my own peas. You get them for free if you give them half of what you pick. Its not a bad dael considering they charge $2.50 a lb for snow peas and $5.00 a lb for sugar snap peas(most sought after). I picked three pounds of sugar snaps, so I got to keep a pound and a half, but I picked a whopping 11 lbs of those suckers, so they gave me almost 6 lbs of those to take home. The weather was only in the 70's and it was so nice out. The earth was cool after that big storm we had last nite, so I picked for a little over an hour.
Just in case you are wondering what 1 1/2 lbs of sugar snap peas and 6 lbs of snow peas looks like:
Well these will keep me busy. Now I have to trim them and get them into baggies for freezing.
Cleaning for the rest of the afternoon, we are entertaining a few friends tonite and I have to get the pork chops into the crockpot! Evie

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