Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did I mention this house thing can make you crazy?

Well I spent a good portion of today on the phone calling people to find out why no one has figured out what to do with my living room carpet. wow does it suck! They actually thought that is was fine, and does not need anything. At the very least it needs to be cleaned professionally. Spent almost 4 hours doing this calling and waiting thing today. It is making me LOCO!
In other news Gene starting the tiling job in the bathroom and as not to argue but the tub is white and the tiles are beige...well its called bone. It looks not good together, but who am I to complain? Gene could possibly shoot me if I try to complain, as he may go postal at any moment now.
I started packing and have taken 2 small loads over and it feels pretty darn good to have a kitchen large enough to accomodate me.
Its chili night here and the crockpot is making the house hot, but it smells freakin awesome too. I am off to more packing toodles. Evie

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