Thursday, June 26, 2008

Legs Cramps

All this moving has reminded my body how terribly out of shape I am. I awoke at 5-ish this morning with awful legs cramps, in each leg, one upper the other lower. Gene must have been feeling kind, cause he brought me some water and told me I was just dehydrated. The cramps went away after awhile but I have had them the past couple of nights last night being the worst. It has been hot, and maybe I have not been drinking enough water, but I think its really cause I am just severely outta shape. Anyways, just a few days left of moving! YAY! I will be off of the puter for a few days tho cause they can't tranfer service until the afternoon of the 2nd, wahhhhh! I will be glad when we are moved more stairs and main floor laundry to boot. We have a birthday party to go to on Friday and Sat. But we are pretty close to being moved in, so I am looking forward to the breaks. Later dudes. Evie

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