Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maybe I am not the best...

Maybe I am not the best person in the whole world..But I am honest. I am caring and I call people back, and I will cook for you and buy things for you cause I know you might like it/want it/need it. So how come I feel like I am the last to be choosen for a dinner date, party or other invites? I just never get invited, is it because my husband is an asshole? Cause no wants to spend time with him, me included most of the time. I am always the one to make plans, and in most cases entertain. People seem to keep me at arms length and I am trying to just understand why. I am not going to point people out, because that is just plain rude. But hey world what gives?? Just this tiny rant I promise..I needed a vent!

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