Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being poor is an art form.

Alas I find myself light in the pocket again..I can just make my payments that are due by the 12th. My puter payment is $17 for the minimum payment which I like to pay a bit more, but the minimum is what they are going to get this month. Also I have to send the DOE my student loan payment of $150 which I will probably be paying till I die. Gene is broke as well since we had a huge cable bill and house payment.
Since I am a notorious food hoarded there is plenty, what I need from the store is only fresh sundries. So I expect to spend only around $30 when I get groceries on Sunday.
It it always amazing to me how when I am under pressure how well I can get by with little. A bit of creativity goes a long way, and its always nice to know I still have garden produce and some canned goods from summer to keep us going.
That red pepper soup I made this week was exactly what I mean. The peppers I had frozen whole were from this summers bounty. I bought the cheeses, from Aldi's so the cream cheese was only 88 cents and the goat cheese 1.99, peppers were free and rice and chicken broth are staples. The whole thing cost me about $5 to make and I got dinner and two lunches from it!

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