Thursday, April 23, 2009


Not a whole lot to report here. I am sad because I am losing my full time daycare kiddo. But the summer will bring lots more kids, and crazy income. So I am not going to worry too much. Gene is now refusing to purchase a mini-van..he says he needs a new vehicle more than I do. He is such a jerk sometimes.
Our garden is growing and the prospect of garden veggies looks pretty good! I hope to do more canning this year since we will have so many good things to eat. The spinch continues to thrive, even though it was planted as a fall crop. I guess it was the mild winter.
I am still gearing up for my booth at the 5K run for the preschool. I am excited to sell some of my yummy jam wares. I have a quite a few flavors this time around..and I could you use the money since I guess I will be buying a van on my own now.

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