Monday, April 20, 2009

Serious update

Well I have been gone for more than a week..but now I am back! I had to go to my parents house to take care of my mom after a minor surgery. She is fact she did not really need my help much at all. I ran a few errands for her and did some housework..and she managed to drive me crazy and I mananged to leave ealier than I planned on staying! That usually happens...I did stay for 5 days..a record for me since I ususally only last about 3.
In other news..I have been growing a cherry tomato plant over the winter. I rescued it from the compost pile last fall. Now its over 4 ft tall!
In a few weeks I will be moving it outside and staking it up.. I am guessing we will have cherry tomatoes before anyone else..yay!
Since I had to take Zach to my mom's for Easter, Gene and Zach and I dyed eggs befreo we was very fun!
We used recycled yogurt containers for dying cups..and followed the directions on the food coloring box for making dyed eggs. Gene used an old wire hanger for making egg lifters. All of this saved us from buying a new egg dying kit, and saved us from getting yet another item made in another country.
The boys and I had a great time together.
Here is one of my mom and Zach:
And the most exciting news of all..our new family additions.
When we went to stay with my parents in Salina I took Zach to an easter egg hunt at a farm and garden store. They failed to tell folks that the prizes were chicks and ducks. Since many folks were unable to keep them we gladly told people we would take them. We now have 5 chicks and two ducks. My parents have chickens and we were able to keep them at thier house until we returned home.
Here are the little sweeties:
They are so cute and fun to have. Of course we named them all.
Ducks: Toot and Puddle
New Hampshire reds: Mariette and Juliet
Black Autralorp: Opal
Barred Plymouth rock: Tabitha
Gene is in the process of building a chciken coop for them, but they have to be under the light for a few more weeks.

I know I am behind in my meal planning, but I will get one posted by this afternoon.
Thanks for bearing with me. evie

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