Monday, November 3, 2008

Weeked review

Well we had a pretty busy weekend, it being Halloween and all. Took Zach downtown trick or treating. There was an awesomely cute 2 yr old dressed as a white leather Elvis...sooo funny, wish I had a pic to share.
Gene worked all day Sat, and hunted half of Sunday. He did not get anything, so no deer meat for us..oh well.
I made some pretty amazing cinnamon sugar bagles and some apricot bars...yummy.
Zach's room got mega cleaned on Sat. and I think I found a bunkbed for us to buy. It's a blue metal one with a full on the bottom and twin on the top.. I hope Gene lets me buy it.
Zach and I have been talking about when you turn 5 you sleep in your own bed in your own would be awesome to take back our room..and I would improve our relationship in many ways..I think...
We skipped a costume party on Sat. so I may never see Gene in his Hulk costume again..maybe next year. toodles

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