Friday, March 14, 2008

I am going to make some money!

Well as ,many of you all know I am always looking for ways to make lots of money. Well I think I have finally found the way for me to do it. It's called Pay Per Post. Here's the link:get paid to blog
They pay you to post information and great stuff on your blog! I have signed up to be a new postie for them. The great thing is: I heard about it from my friend Laura Capello! thanks Laura. Its so exciting for me, I can bring you guys some great information about stuff and continue to blog about my family too. And I can buy more fabric from sarah's with all the money I earn. It's a perfect marriage for me. And hopefully I can fuel some of the cash into my jam business, which I plan on starting this spring. If you have any questions or are interestd please feel free to contact me and I can fill you in about Pay Per Post and the great opportunity it can have for you too.
Now there are going to be some changes, but they are for the best. Not only will I be updating you on our little family, but I will be bringing you some new great information on products and services. Thanks for reading friends hope you continue to do so. Evie

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