Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet kiss..

I had a great night with friends, pretending I was single and childless for a few hours at least. One phone call makes the walls come crashing down..I won't go into detail however. I was woken up by the annoying sounds of someone making breakfast loudly and all the grumbles that are my husbands morning routine. He shouts at us..are you going to get up..or sleep all day?? Zach rolls over to me and kisses my nose..and them my cheeks. I was surprised at his lovey doveyness.. since he is not usually a morning person. It was surprising and sweet and I live for those moments. The rest of the morning is like many others. A flurry of hurry-ups and get dresseds..and eat fasters. I rewarded his sweetness with a piece of King Cake for breakfast..its the best I could do. A photo of which I will include later since my photo hosting site is down right now.

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